Kindly note that this is a personal non profit blog. The below listings are NOT advertisments and all listing are subject to our (writers) personal opinions. Due to EU Regutions, restaurants serving both Gluten and Naturally Gluten Free products from same environment without an approved written procedure cannot use the term Gluten Free. Although different tops & utencils are used, cross contamination might still occur in minor doses when handled with care and hense are listed as GCC for Gluten Cross Contamination. Ceoliacs are adviced to only visit certified Gluten Free Restaurants which means having a seperate gluten free cooking area or an approved written procedure on gluten free handling to avoid suffering from cross contamination.

Green Sushi

Green Sushi is a 100% vegan friendly Sushi Restaurant. Most of their sushi they serve is made with non gluten containing products. For safety always inform about your allergies prior to ordering so they can guide you in the best way possible.

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Jacob’s Brew

A heart warming family run Jacob’s Brew in Marsascala. A big story lies behind this family which only demonstrates the values they had. When I came to know about Jacob’s brew, I thought ‘Yeeyy, food looks delicious and they have GCC options’ … but when I came to write this post, I had a look on their site and the story is inspiring to many.

Jacob’s Brew offer GCC wraps, scones and pancakes 🙂

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CIBO is a popular italian restaurant in Tigne Point Sliema offering delicious Pizza including a GCC version 🙂

This is on my bucket list for this weekend (July 2018)!

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Restyle Cafe’

A modern cafe’ in Swieqi serving yummy GCC options:

“We have daily different dishes for GCC such as salads, soups, fish or meat dishes. Normally we have GCC Croissants and baguettes as well. We have a nice Brownie served with dark chocolate also GCC for the sweet tooth!!!”

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Talija – Xlendi, Gozo

Talija is a lovely restaurant few steps from the waters edge in Xlendi. The people there are really friendly. I visited twice so far and each time I was happy with the service and the food. Since we ordered a GCC pizza, they also served GCC bread to the table without requesting for it which was really nice. The pizza is the first nicely done thick based pizza I found in Malta/Gozo. Continue reading “Talija – Xlendi, Gozo”

Gluten Free Living in Malta

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