Hi There! Thank you for visiting Gluten Free Living. Kindly note that is a non-profit blog which has been launched for the sole purpose of creating a single go to page for me and my friends and was made public simple to share our reviews with people with gluten intolerance, diets, coeliac or other allergies. Our posts are not adverts, but reflect instead our real experiences so that one can minimise the disappointment when choosing a place for a night out. If you have been to any of the places listed, we urge you to leave a comment on the post with your own personal experience. If the place you want to review is not listed, or you wish to contribute to help improve this site, kindly contact us on [email protected] or fill in the form below. We accept anyone to join our volunteering team as long as the content is real and from the heart! Thank you…


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I would like to inform you that all places listed on this site have been contacted personally through facebook and/or have accepted to be mentioned on our blog. All content was provided by public sources such as Google, Instagram and Facebook. There were/are no fees or charges involved. If for any particular reason, you wish to have your post removed from our blog, kindly contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form above and we will get back to you at our earliest.



GCC means Gluten Cross Contamination which means it is not Gluten Free since it is prepared in an environment that handles gluten. In no way does this imply the product is gluten free even if prepared with non gluten ingredients. Places who have a safety management system and a safe environment for Gluten Free food are listed under Gluten Free and not GCC.



Kindly note that this site is a non profit site which does NOT take responsibility for any contamination in any of the listings. This site has been set up with the sole purpose of helping people with special dietary requirements but it is always in the person’s own interest and responsibility to double check before booking or before ordering ANY items from ANY restaurants or places implying to support food allergies.