Restyle Cafe’

A modern cafe’ in Swieqi serving yummy GCC options:

“We have daily different dishes for GCC such as salads, soups, fish or meat dishes. Normally we have GCC Croissants and baguettes as well. We have a nice Brownie served with dark chocolate also GCC for the sweet tooth!!!”

From the Photo: “Enjoy one of our Quinoa savoury croissant with grilled veg and cheese with our pistachio dressing”



Revamp Building, Triq Il-Qasam, Is-Swieqi

+356 2141 5501

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Even if most use different tools, pans / frying pans and pots, the preparation environment of this place is not dedicated solely for gluten free food. Kindly be advised to always take pre-cautions and inform about cross-contamination before ordering.
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