Talija – Xlendi, Gozo

Talija is a lovely restaurant few steps from the waters edge in Xlendi. The people there are really friendly. I visited twice so far and each time I was happy with the service and the food. Since we ordered a GCC pizza, they also served GCC bread to the table without requesting for it which was really nice. The pizza is the first nicely done thick based pizza I found in Malta/Gozo.

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Open all day 7 days a week.From 10:00am onwards. Take away available. Advance booking accepted. Call 21569899 or 79539899.

8, Rabat Road
+356 7953 9899
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Even if most use different tools, pans / frying pans and pots, the preparation environment of this place is not dedicated solely for gluten free food. Kindly be advised to always take pre-cautions and inform about cross-contamination before ordering.
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  1. I used to go to Talija every single time I visited Gozo (3 times a year perhaps).

    This year we booked a table inside since places were limited on the outside due to covid-19. We sat on the table at 8pm (time of our booking), at 8.45pm no one had come to take our drinks order yet. We tried to get their attention many times as they passed next to us every minute. At 9pm we asked again and they again they said ‘soon’. One of my friends got up and said ‘Sorry but we have to leave if we do not get served.’ And the woman at the bar rudely replied ‘Leave, we need to serve the tables outside first not inside’. This was after 1 whole hour. We were sooo shocked.

    Next day, my same friend, passed by in the morning and spoke to the manager, the manager replied ‘Yes she told me, it was your fault, you left, we always have to serve outside first to turn the tables with customers’.

    I used to love going there and loved their GF bread and GF pizza but I am afraid I can never return there again after being treated like garbage.

    We then went to Churchill and the GF was amazing!

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