Mezzaluna Bistro & Pizzeria

“Our pizza dough as well as the GCC one is made by myself,
that’s why our GCC pizza is so crispy and flavoured
that you cannot actually feel the difference!”

Mezzaluna Bistro & Pizzeria are very dedicated in helping the GCC community.

“Mezzaluna offers a range of GCC options starting from starters to desserts, with the guarantee of freshness and care that only homemade cuisine can offer!


That’s why Johann, Chef and Manager at Mezzaluna Bistro & Pizzeria, cooking skills are so up to date that he meets the needs of his customers without sacrificing the taste!”


Mosta Road, St Pauls Bay

+356 2758 0112

[email protected]
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Even if most use different tools, pans / frying pans and pots, the preparation environment of this place is not dedicated solely for gluten free food. Kindly be advised to always take pre-cautions and inform about cross-contamination before ordering.
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